Gasket seating stress table

It’s time for comfort. We have a long history in challenging the conventional way of making furniture. Understanding the science of comfort and movement fueled our innovative spirit and desire to design the most comfortable, unique furniture in the world. flanges. Effective seal at low stress. The gasket design ensures a high seating stress area in the centre of the seal face and a lower seating stress towards the outside edges of the seal face. RECOMMENDED 3 Approx 3.1-3.4 >1.5m 4 Approx M21LM 4.1-4.4 M41LM CORE THICKNESS (mm) THICKNESS AFTER ASSEMBLY (core + layers) (mm) Gasket Profiles This increased the risk for chemical burn injuries and corrosion of nearby equipment. The fragility of PVC flanges limited the ability to solve the problem by simply increasing the bolting torque on the flanges (i.e., increasing gasket seating stress). Select the gasket type and whether you require a full-face (Type E) or a ring style (Type F) configuration. You may also select your retainer, seal and washer material.