Photoshop add noise to transparent layer

To add some shines to it, CREATE A NEW LAYER, select the brush tool, set to 3px hard brush,and draw a X on the new layer, in WHITE, then, set your brush size to 27px SOFT EDGE brush, and stamp a circle in the middle of the X. A Season in the Books. Season 4 of live Layer Tennis kicked off Friday, September 12th with an Around the World Exhibition in which ten designers passed a file around the globe and here we are 14 weeks later at the Championship Match. Create a mask for the layer containing that colour you want to get transparent and make sure the mask is selected. 2. Look up the Masks or Properties (since CS6) window (Window > Masks/Properties). 3. There you'll find a button called "Color range..." 4. In the new window you can sample the colour you want to mask,... Photoshop created in 1987 by two brothers Thomas Knoll and Jhon Knoll. Later, they sold Photoshop licenses to the Adobe Systems Incorporate company in 1988. Photoshop is able to create and edit raster images with multiple layers and supports mask, alpha compositing, and several color models such as RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot color, and duotone. Keep in mind though that Photoshop does not store transparency information when you copy and paste. If you want to transfer a layer (with it's transparency intact) to another document, then your best bet would be to simply drag that layer to the other document. Of course, this assumes that you're using Photoshop. Choose Window → Layers to display the Layers panel. Double-click Background on the Layers panel. Or choose Layer → New → Layer From Background. Name the layer or leave it at the default name of Layer 0. You can also adjust the blend mode and opacity of the layer in the New Layer dialog box.